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アニメ英語! 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 第1話 対訳

魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 第1話

I first met her in a dream... Or something」(夢の中で会った、ような…)

# キャラ 英語 日本語
1 まどか That's horrible... 酷い!
2 キュウべい You can't help it. 仕方ないよ。
3 キュウべい One person can't handle this alone. 彼女一人では荷が重すぎた。
4 キュウべい But she knew that and came here anyway. でも、彼女も覚悟の上だろう
5 まどか No, this isn't right, it's too much for her... そんな、あんまりだよ。こんなのって無いよ!
6 キュウべい If she gives up, it's over. 諦めたらそれまでだ。
7 キュウべい But, you have the power to change this destiny. でも、君なら運命を変えられる。
8 キュウべい All this tragedy, all this destruction, you can change it, if you want. 避けようのない滅びも、嘆きも、すべて君が覆せばいい。
9 キュウべい The power to do so lies within you. そのための力が、君には備わってるんだから
10 まどか I can change it? 本当なの?
11 まどか Even someone like me can do something to help? 私なんかでも、本当に何か出来るの?
12 まどか Can I really change how this ends? こんな結末を変えられるの?
13 キュウべい Of course, you can. もちろんさ。
14 キュウべい Just make a contract with me, and become a Magical Girl! だから僕と契約して、魔法少女になってよ!
15 まどか That was a crazy dream... 夢オチ・・・?
16 まどか Good morning, Dad. おはよう、パパ
17 パパ Oh, good morning, Madoka. おはよう、まどか
18 まどか Mom up yet? ママは?
19 パパ Tatsuya's waking her up. タツヤが行ってる。
20 パパ He might need some help, though. 手伝ってやって
21 まどか Okay. は~い
22 たつや Mama, mama! ママ!ママ!
23 たつや Wake up, wake up! 朝ぁ!朝ぁ~!
24 たつや C'mon, mama! 起きて!
25 たつや Mama, mama! ママ!ママ!
26 まどか Rise and shine!! 起きろ~!
27 ママ Urghhhhhhhh!!
28 ママ ......What the...? あれ?
29 たつや Mama woke up, yay! ママ起きたね~!
30 ママ What's happening in your world? 最近どんなよ?
31 まどか Well, Hitomi got another love letter. 仁美ちゃんにまたラブレターが届いたよ。
32 まどか It's the second one this month. 今月になってもう2通目
33 ママ Huh, if he can't say it to her face, he's not worth it. ふん。直に告るだけの根性もねぇ男は駄目だ。
34 ママ How's Kazuko doing? 和子はどう?
35 まどか I think her new boyfriend's working out. 先生はまだ続いてるみたい。
36 まどか She can't seem to talk about anything else during homeroom. ホームルームでノロけまくりだよ。
37 まどか This week's their three-month anniversary, so I guess that's a record. 今週で3ヶ月目だから記録更新だよね。
38 ママ Well, I hope they can make it. さあ、どうだか。
39 ママ They're at a critical stage in their relationship. 今が危なっかしい頃合だよ
40 まどか They are? そうなの?
41 ママ If it's not the real thing, this is usually when it starts to fall apart. 本物じゃなかったら大体この辺でボロが出るもんさ。
42 ママ But if they made it this far, they should be okay for another year. まあ、乗り切ったら、一年は保つだろうけど
43 まどか Oh...
44 ママ I look fabulous. 完成!
45 まどか I wonder which ribbon I should wear. リボンどっちかな?
46 まどか Really? ええ!
47 まどか It's not too flashy? 派手過ぎない?
48 ママ There's no such thing as too flashy, hon. それぐらいで良いのさ。
49 ママ A woman can't afford to get teased 'cause she looks sloppy. 女は外見で舐められたら終わりだよ
50 ママ Hah, perfect! 良いじゃん!
51 ママ Your secret admirers are gonna get all wobbly in the knees. これならまどかの隠れファンもメロメロだ
52 まどか I don't have secret admirers. いないよ、そんなの
53 ママ But you should dress and behave like you do. いると思っておくんだよ。
54 ママ That's a secret every pretty girl should know. それが、美人の秘訣
55 まどか Hehe...
56 たつや Ah...
57 ママ Yay, safe! セーフ。
58 ママ Now be good, and eat it all up, okay? はい、残さないで食べてね~♪
59 たつや Okay! アイ!
60 パパ Hey honey, some more coffee? コーヒー、お代わりは?
61 ママ Uh... I better not. あぁ…いいや。
62 ママ All right! I'm off to work, everyone. お~っし、じゃあ行ってくる
63 パパ Have a great day, honey. いってらっしゃ~い!
64 たつや Bye, mama.
65 パパ Hey, you're gonna be late if you don't hurry. さあ、まどかも急がないと
66 まどか Huh?! Oh yeah. え、あ、うん。
67 まどか See you later! 行ってきま~す
68 パパ Have a great day! 行ってらっしゃ~い
69 たつや Have a great day! いってらっしゃい
70 まどか Good morning, guys! おはよう~
71 ひとみ Good morning おはようございます
72 さやか What took you so long, Madoka? まどか遅ぉ~い。
73 さやか Look at you with your cute ribbons. お、可愛いリボン
74 まどか You think so? They're not too flashy? そうかな?派手過ぎない?
75 ひとみ I think they look lovely. とても素敵ですわ。
76 まどか My mom said that if a boy can't say he loves you to your face, he's not worth your time. でね、ラブレターでなく直に告白出来るようでなきゃ駄目だって
77 さやか Your mom is way cool, Madoka! 相変わらずまどかのママは格好良いなぁ。
78 さやか I mean she's smart, gorgeous and successful. 美人だし、バリキャリだし
79 ひとみ If only I could make up my mind as easily as that. そんな風にきっぱり割り切れたら良いんだけど・・・
80 さやか If only everyone could have your problems. 羨ましい悩みだね~?
81 まどか You know, she's right. いいなぁ。
82 まどか I wish someone would send me a love letter some time. It'd be nice to get one. 私も一通ぐらい貰ってみたいなぁ、ラブレター
83 さやか Ah, now I get it. ほぉ~?
84 さやか You want to be as beautiful and popular as Hitomi here, don't ya? まどかも仁美みたいなモテモテな美少女に変身したいと。
85 さやか I bet that's why you're wearing those ribbons to change your image. そこでまずはリボンからイメチェンですかな?
86 まどか That's not true! 違うよ!
87 まどか And my mom picked these out and... これはママがっ!
88 さやか You tricked your mom into telling you the secret to being popular, didn't you? さては、ママからモテる秘訣を教わったな?けしから~ん。
89 さやか Well, I'm not gonna let that happen! そんな破廉恥な子は~、こうだぁっ!♪
90 まどか No! No, stop it! No! や、ちょ、止めて!
91 さやか You're just too cute! 可愛い奴め。
92 さやか I'm not gonna let you be popular with the boys. でも男子にモテようなんて許さんぞ。
93 さやか You're mine, Madoka! Mine, mine, mine. まどかはあたしの嫁になるのだぁ!はっはっ
94 Kazuko Ahem.
95 Kazuko I have a very important issue to discuss today. 今日は皆さんに大事なお話があります。
96 Kazuko So eyes front, ears open! 心して聞くように。
97 Kazuko The correct way to fry an egg is sunny side up or down. 目玉焼きとは、固焼きですか?それとも半熟ですか?
98 Kazuko Come on, Nakazawa. I don't have all day. はい、中沢君!
99 Nakazawa I... I gue... uh... え、えっと、
100 Nakazawa You can fry it either way, can't you? どっちでもいいじゃないかと・・・
101 Kazuko Yes, precisely. その通り。
102 Kazuko You can fry it either way! どっちでも宜しい。
103 Kazuko Therefore, goes without saying that you should never judge a women's beauty by the way she fries her eggs. たかが卵の焼き加減なんかで、女の魅力が決まると思ったら大間違いです!
104 Kazuko Remember, girls, do not associate with men who refuse to eat eggs that have been fried sunny side down. 女子のみなさんは、くれぐれも半熟じゃなきゃ食べられないとか抜かす男とは交際しないように!
105 さやか I guess it didn't work out. 駄目だったか?
106 まどか Whatever gave you that idea? 駄目だったんだね
107 Kazuko And you boys, better make sure you don't grow up to be men who complain about how the darn eggs are cooked, understand?! そして、男子のみなさんは、絶対に卵の焼き加減にケチをつけるような大人にならないこと!
108 Kazuko Ahem. Well, now that that's out of the way, let's give a big warm welcome to our new classmate! はい、あとそれから、今日はみなさんに転校生を紹介します
109 さやか Uh, maybe that should've come first? そっちが後回しかよ
110 Kazuko Come in, Miss Akemi. Don't be shy! じゃっ、暁美さんいらっしゃい
111 Everyone Wow! 可愛い
112 さやか Whoa, she's super gorgeous. お?凄ぇ~美人
113 まどか Huh?
114 まどか No way! It couldn't be! 嘘!…まさか!
115 Kazuko Why don't you tell the class a little bit about yourself? はい、それじゃ自己紹介行ってみよう
116 ほむら I'm Homura Akemi. 暁美ほむらです。
117 ほむら It's nice to meet you. 宜しくお願いします
118 まどか Uh... Um... ええっと、
119 Kazuko Uh, Miss Akemi? 暁美さん?
120 Girl1 What school did you go to before coming to this one? 暁美さんって、前はどこの学校だったの?
121 ほむら I went to a private Catholic school in Tokyo. 東京のミッション系の学校よ
122 Girl2 Were you in a club? How about sports? 前は部活とかやってた?運動系?
123 Girl2 Were you on any teams? 文化系?
124 ほむら No, not really. やって無かったわ
125 Girl3 Your hair is really beautiful! 凄い綺麗な髪だよね。
126 Girl3 What kind of shampoo do you like to use? シャンプーは何使ってるの?
127 ひとみ There's something awfully mysterious about that girl, don't you think? 不思議な雰囲気の人ですよね、暁美さん
128 さやか Hey, Madoka, do you know that girl? ね、まどか、あの子知り合い?
129 さやか I could've sworn she was glaring at you when she was in front of the class. 何かさっき思いっきりガン飛ばされてなかった?
130 まどか Well, I'm not really sure... いや、え~っと
131 ほむら I'm sorry. ごめんなさい。
132 ほむら I think today's been a little stressful for me. 何だか緊張しすぎたみたいで、
133 ほむら I'm not feeling very well. ちょっと、気分が。
134 ほむら May I please go to the Nurse's Office? 保健室に行かせて貰えるかしら
135 Girl1 Ah, sure. If you want, I can take you over there. え、あ、じゃあ私が案内してあげる
136 Girl2 Good idea! Can I come too? あたしも行く行く
137 ほむら Please don't trouble yourselves. いえ、お構い無く。
138 ほむら I'll ask the Nurse's Aide to take me. 係の人にお願いしますから
139 まどか Huh?
140 ほむら Miss Madoka Kaname. 鹿目まどかさん、
141 ほむら You are the Nurse's Aide for this class, are you not? あなたがこのクラスの保健係よね?
142 まどか Huh? Um, well... I uh... え~っと、あの
143 ほむら Would you please come with me? 連れてって貰える、
144 ほむら To the Nurse's Office. 保健室?
145 まどか Um, I was... あっ、あの…その。
146 まどか H-How did you know I was the Nurse's Aide for the class? 私が保健係って、どうして?
147 ほむら Ms. Saotome told me that you were. 早乙女先生から聞いたの
148 まどか Oh, right, of course she did. あ、そうなんだ。
149 まどか By the way, the Nurse's Office is over to your... uh... えっとさ、保健室は…
150 ほむら This way, right? こっちよね?
151 まどか Huh? Uh, yeah, that's right. えっ、うん、そうなんだけど
152 まどか But, um... いや、
153 まどか So anyway, how do you know your way there? だから、その、もしかして・・・
154 まどか I mean, you're new here and all. 場所知ってるのかなって
155 まどか Um... Miss, um... Akemi? あっ・・・暁美さん?
156 ほむら Call me Homura. ほむらでいいわ
157 まどか Oh, Homura. ほむら、ちゃん・・・
158 ほむら What is it? 何かしら
159 まどか Uh, nothing. あぁ、えっと、その、
160 まどか It's just that you have an unusual name. 変わった名前だよね。
161 まどか But not in a bad way or anything, I was just thinking how it sounded cool... for a first name, I mean. い、いや、だから、あのね。変な意味じゃなくてね。その、か、格好良いなぁなんて
162 ほむら Madoka Kaname, do you treasure the life you currently live? 鹿目まどか、あなたは自分の人生が、貴いと思う?
163 ほむら And do you consider your family and your friends precious? 家族や友達を、大切にしてる?
164 まどか Oh, well, I uh... Of course I do. I mean I-I do. え、えっと、私は・・・大切だよ。
165 まどか My family and my friends, I love them very much and yes they're very precious to me. 家族も、友達の皆も、大好きでとっても大事な人達だよ
166 ほむら Do you mean it? 本当に?
167 まどか Absolutely. I couldn't lie about that! ホントだよ。嘘な訳ないよ
168 ほむら Good. そう・・・
169 ほむら Because if that's the truth, then you wouldn't try changing the life you have or the person you are. もしそれが本当なら、今とは違う自分になろうだなんて、絶対に思わないことね。
170 ほむら Otherwise, you'd lose everything you love. さもなければ、全てを失うことになる
171 まどか Huh?
172 ほむら Don't change. Stay as you are, Madoka Kaname. Stay as you are forever. 貴女は、鹿目まどかのままでいれば良い。今まで通り、これからも
173 Everyone Wow...
174 PE Teacher She broke the record for every school in this city. け、県内記録じゃないの、これ?
175 Girl I can't believe you can jump that high!
176 さやか She said what?! えぇ?何それ?
177 まどか It doesn't make any sense, does it? ワケ分かんないよね
178 さやか And there I was, thinking she was this awesome girl, but it turns out she"s a total psycho! 文武両道で才色兼備かと思いきや、実はサイコな電波さん。
179 さやか Ah! I hope she doesn't think acting like a weird transfer student is cool. くー!どこまでキャラ立てすりゃあ気が済むんだ?あの転校生は!
180 さやか That's so MOE, it makes me sick! 萌えか?そこが萌えなのかぁ!?
181 ひとみ This has to be a misunderstanding. Are you positive you've never met her before? まどかさん、本当に暁美さんとは初対面ですの?
182 まどか Hmm... I guess the sensible answer would be "yes." 常識的には、そうなんだけど
183 さやか Okay, what do you mean by sensible? Either you met her or you didn't? 何それ?非常識なとこで心当たりがあると?
184 まどか Well, it's like... あのね、
185 まどか You're gonna think I'm weird, but I first met her in a dream or something. 昨夜あの子と夢の中で会った・・・ような
186 さやか That's awesome! (笑)すっ…凄ぇ~、
187 さやか An anime character in you's popping out, too! まどかまでキャラが立ち始めたよ
188 まどか Come on, that's mean! 酷いよ~。
189 まどか This is really bugging me! 私真面目に悩んでるのに
190 さやか I got it all figured out. ああっ、もう決まりだ。
191 さやか You guys knew each other in the past life, and the fate has reached across time and space to bring you back together again. それ前世の因果だわ。あんた達、時空を超えて巡り合った運命の仲間なんだわぁ!
192 ひとみ In your dream, what happened when you met her? 夢って、どんな夢でしたの?
193 まどか That's the thing. I can't really remember what happened in it. それが、何だかよく思い出せないんだけど。
194 まどか All I know is that it was really strange and spooky. とにかく、変な夢だったってだけで
195 ひとみ If you want my opinion, I think it's entirely possibly you met Miss Akemi somewhere before. もしかしたら、本当は暁美さんと会ったことがあるのかも知れませんわ
196 まどか Huh?!
197 ひとみ You might not remember meeting her, but your subconscious certainly took note of it. まどかさん自身は覚えていないつもりでも、深層心理には彼女の印象が残っていて、
198 ひとみ When you were having that dream, your subconscious simply brought up the image of her. それが夢に出てきたのかも知れません
199 さやか Seriously? That's a heck of a coincidence, don't you think? それ出来過ぎてない?どんな偶然よ?
200 ひとみ Hehe, perhaps. そうね。
201 ひとみ Uh-oh, look how late it's gotten. あら、もうこんな時間。
202 ひとみ Excuse me, but I really should be going now. ごめんなさい、お先に失礼しますわ
203 さやか Is it piano today or classical dance? 今日はピアノ?日本舞踊?
204 ひとみ Tea Ceremony lessons today. お茶のお稽古ですが。
205 ひとみ Even though our exams are coming up, my mother still wants me to continue taking them. もうすぐ受験だっていうのに、いつまで続けさせられるのか
206 さやか Yeah, there's another reason to be glad I wasn't born a rich girl. わぁ~、小市民に生まれて良かったわ
207 まどか We should get going too. 私達も行こうか
208 さやか Madoka, you wanna hit the music store on the way home? あ、まどか、帰りにCD屋寄ってもいい?
209 まどか Okay. Something for Kyosuke again? 良いよ、また上条君の?
210 さやか Yeah, maybe. まぁね
211 ひとみ Have fun shopping! では、また
212 さやか Later! じゃあね。
213 まどか Bye-bye! バイバイ
214 キュウべい Help me! 助けて・・・
215 まどか Huh?
216 キュウべい Madoka, help me! 助けて、まどか!
217 まどか Huh? What?!
218 キュウべい Please, help me! 僕を、助けて!
219 さやか Huh?
220 まどか Hello? Who are you? 誰?誰なの?
221 キュウべい Help me! 助けて!
222 まどか Where are you? どこにいるの?
223 まどか Um, do I know you? あなた、誰?
224 キュウべい Help me! 助けて!
225 まどか Is that you? あなたなの?
226 キュウべい Help me... 助けて
227 まどか Homura? ほむら、ちゃん?
228 ほむら Get away from that creature. そいつから離れて
229 まどか B-But he's really hurt. だっ、だって・・・この子、怪我してる。
230 まどか Leave him alone. だっ・・・駄目だよ。
231 まどか Why are you trying to hurt him?! 酷いことしないで!
232 ほむら This doesn't concern you. あなたには関係無い
233 まどか But he was calling me! だってこの子、私を呼んでた!
234 まどか I could hear him calling my name! 聞こえたんだもん、
235 まどか He was asking me to help him! 助けてって!
236 ほむら Really? そう
237 さやか Over here, Madoka! まどか、こっち!
238 まどか Sayaka! さやかちゃん!
239 ほむら Ah! Why is this happening now? こんな時に・・・
240 さやか Now she's attacking you on cosplay? What's her problem? 何よ、アイツ!今度はコスプレで通り魔かよ!
241 さやか And what's that thing you're carrying? つーか、何それ?
242 さやか Looks like a stuffed animal. Is it alive? ぬいぐるみじゃ無いよね?生き物?
243 まどか I don't know. 分かんない、
244 まどか I don't know why this is happening, but we have to save him! この子、助けなきゃ
245 さやか Where'd the exit go? あれ?非常口は?
246 さやか Where are we? どこよここ?
247 まどか I don't like this place. 変だよ、ここ。
248 まどか Everything keeps changing! どんどん道が変わっていく
249 さやか Oh, crap! あ~もう、
250 さやか What the heck's going on?! どうなってんのさ!
251 まどか There's something over there! くっ、来る!何かいる!
252 さやか This is some kind of joke, right? 冗談だよね?
253 さやか I'm stuck in a bad dream, but I am dreaming, right? 私、悪い夢でも見てるんだよね?
254 さやか Right, Madoka?! ねえ、まどか!
255 さやか What's happening? あれ?
256 まどか I don't know. これは・・・?
257 Mami That was close, wasn't it? 危なかったわね。
258 Mami But don't worry, you're safe now. でも、もう大丈夫。
259 Mami Thank goodness. You rescued Kyubey for me. あら、キュウべえを助けてくれたのね。
260 Mami I'm very grateful. ありがとう。
261 Mami He's a dear friend of mine and I was so worried. その子は私の大切な友達なの
262 まどか He called out to me. 私、呼ばれたんです。
263 まどか I could hear his voice inside my head. 頭の中に直接この子の声が・・・
264 Mami Ahh, I see. なるほどね。
265 Mami I can tell by your uniforms that you both go to Mitakihara Middle School. その制服、あなた達も見滝原の生徒みたいね。
266 Mami Are you eighth graders? 二年生?
267 さやか W-Who are you? あなたは?
268 Mami Oh, that's right. Maybe I should introduce myself. そうそう、自己紹介しないとね。
269 Mami Actually, it's going to have to wait a bit. でも、その前に、
270 Mami Please excuse me. I have to wrap this up first. ちょっと一仕事、片付けちゃっていいかしら
271 まどか Wow, amazing! すっ・・・凄い。
272 さやか We're back! も、戻った!
273 Mami The witch managed to escape. 魔女は逃げたわ。
274 Mami If you wanna finish it off, you'd better go after it. 仕留めたいなら直ぐに追い掛けなさい。
275 Mami I won't mind if you take it this time. 今回はあなたに譲ってあげる
276 ほむら But I still have work to do here. 私が用があるのは・・・
277 Mami You don't understand, do you? 飲み込みが悪いのね、
278 Mami I'm telling you I'm willing to overlook this. 見逃してあげるって言ってるの。
279 Mami Honestly, don't you think it would be best if we didn't do this right now? お互い、余計なトラブルとは無縁でいたいと思わない?
280 キュウべい Thank you, Mami! ありがとうマミ。
281 キュウべい You're a lifesaver. 助かったよ
282 Mami I'm not the one you should be thanking. お礼はこの子達に。
283 Mami They saved you. I was just passing by. 私は通り掛かっただけだから
284 キュウべい Thank you very much! どうもありがとう。
285 キュウべい My name's Kyubey. 僕の名前はキュゥべえ
286 まどか Were you the one who was calling for help? あなたが私を呼んだの?
287 キュウべい That's right, Madoka Kaname. そうだよ、鹿目まどか
288 キュウべい And Sayaka Miki. それと、美樹さやか
289 さやか Whoa, hang on a sec.
290 さやか How do you know our names? なんで、あたし達の名前を?
291 キュウべい I came here because I have a favor to ask of you both. 僕、君達にお願いがあって来たんだ
292 まどか Huh? What do you mean? お・・・お願い?
293 キュウべい I want you to make contracts with me and become magical girls! 僕と契約して、魔法少女になって欲しいんだ!
294 --- --- ---
295 キュウべい I will grant each of you one wish, any wish you desire. 僕は君達の願い事を何でも一つ叶えてあげる
296 さやか Huh? For reals? へ?本当?
297 まどか Anything at all? 願い事って・・・
298 キュウべい Anything at all. 何だって構わない
299 キュウべい I can grant the most impossible of miracles! どんな奇跡だって起こしてあげられるよ
300 まどか That would be truly wonderful. それはとっても嬉しいなって